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Hehe..... Funny results......:)

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    Damn blog. Where did the creepy japanese letters go?

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    Brace yourselves. The second gulf war already started and i hope it ends as quickly as it started. Come to think of it, Bush is such a pinhead. Hope there will be less civilan casualties this time. Well, best of luck to the civilians. Allah-uh akbar. As for Saddam Hussein, I hope he doesn't do something stupid like using his people as human shields this time

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And oh yeah, I am an avid fan of the ring. :>

"Before you die, you see"

(near corny slogan though) :)

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Well, I am currently at sm and i might as well update my blog. I am getting quite addicted to it by the way.
Anyway, have a new DVD player that can play both PAL/SECAM and NTSC discs. BWAHAHA, bye bye original dvds,and hello to Quiapo distributed pirated disks. oOh yeah, i promote piracy. >:> Quite ironic for a guy who is aspiring to be a priest. Oh well, no one is born a priest or a nun anyway. I hope i can find a priest test in quizilla......

Anyway, later with my career and more on my higlights. So what happened. Oh yeah! I met the fifth most powerful man in our country. Specifically, the "Chief Justice" WHOAWHOOO!!! But for some reason my sis s are getting quite ticked off if i address the person with "the fifth most powerful man". Worse, they want me to call him CJ. burr... No way. I kinda thought the fifth most powerful man and the gang are gonna have dinner together. Oh well, maybe he is busy. Afterall, he is the fifth most powerful man............. :->.

What else, oh yah. The supposed gang dinner was a success, offset by the absence of our two sis s, ekai and sammy. Too bad. I really hope we will have an outing were everyone is present.......

Well, all that happened last friday. Saturday was a very sedentary day on the morning, but the evening rocked!! Me and my cuzins went to the nearest billiard shack and played for 3 hrs. nonstop! Haha, lost only <5 times. forgive the brag, but i guess it was just beginners luck. Afterall it was just my 9th time to play billiards.:)

So, what an achievment. I finally updated my blog. :). Too bad i have to cut this short. Me thinks i have to go now. Aunt already here. Damn......
Hi to the barkada and all. Miss u guys already....................


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    hi? right, this is the first time i am using this thingamajig here. well, i finally did it after much persuasion by my twin sis. oh well, i am not that creative right now and i just want to say hi to my sisters. HI NOEY, SAMMY, MAIA, EKAI, KRISSY, AND CHARLIE!!! :-).

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    mac...i've been on a blog-rampage and i thought this template would kinda do for the moment.

i am tweaking this...although i have the feeling that you won't be able to use it until you get net access...feel free to scour the blogs that i've linked and get acquainted with the people online. ;p kilala mo naman sila.

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